oris george writer

You see it coming for miles. A wind storm that blows up the dirt, rolls in like it owns the place and flattens everything in its path.

Life is like that…

You get in the way, you’re a gonner. If you learn to roll with the dirt and the dust you can create quite a storm, while you’re out there, stirring up the land.

Had a talk with old Elmer last week and he said he’d weathered many a storm, but this one… This one nearly did him in.

But here he is, howling again when the moon rose across the river. Waiting for the next rabbit to chase, hoping for a meadowlark in the morning, and knowing the sun will come up again. For that is God’s promise, another day.. Another day.

If you’re looking for a story to read, you’ll find it here… In the days ahead, Oris will be back, writing again, telling stories, sharing his book, writing new thoughts and ideas, stirring up the storms…

There will be news again from the George Castle… Stay tuned.