Home is where the moss grows, they say.

Yet, the whole time Oris George has lived in southeastern Colorado, the only thing he’s grown were a few old hens, and a lot of weeds and dust. Or so he says…

But he’s written a story or two, and published a book.

Inside this book, you’ll read about Anna, the woman who rescued teams of horses from the glue factory, or the rooster who strutted around the barn yard like he owned the place.

You’ll learn about times of gentler living, when boys took baths on the back porch in a wash tub, and eggs came from chickens on the nest. You’ll learn about days of fishing, and boys hiding bulls, and neighbors who weren’t fond of little boys who hid their bulls.

And you’ll learn about life along the back roads of yesterday, where time slowed to a pause now and then, while the folks had dinner with a stranger… Just passing through.

Life is what we make it… along the back roads.